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Draconic Destiny is our team's final project of our program. We wished to create a Dragon Simulator as we all enjoy dragons and beyond Spyro haven't see any simulators that are dedicated to simulating life has a dragon. Through research we've found some small app games for phones, but they didn't feel as gravitating as we would like in a dragon simulator. Currently this is just a prototype of our idea. So there are features we didn't get to implement and if this project continues will make it in. We've graduated from our program now and currently have decided to put this project on hiatus. We don't know if we'll continue this project in the future, but for now we are proud of what we created and hope that you'll enjoy it.

 Our Final Build For Our College Program Has been Added.

Game Designers:

Chris Farmer - Level Designer, System Designer

Devan Boone - Technical Artist, Animator, Modeler, Programmer

Jared Moeller - Lead Programmer, Foley Artist, Sound Designer

Liliana Nairn - Producer, UI Artist and Designer, Modeler

Music done by:

Charlotte Crosland - Exploration theme, Menu theme, transitions for Exploration

Diane Vallesteros - Settlement (Good and Bad dragon) themes, transition for Settlement

Dylann Miller - Battle theme, Nest theme, transitions for Battle and Nest

Install instructions

The current build folder is a Windows build. To play just unzip the folder and click the .exe in the folder. There is an instruction manual to go along with the build. It talks about how to play and the current goal of the game (and some minor warnings). 


DraconicDestiny_Version1.0.zip 588 MB
InstructionManual_Version1.0.pdf 176 kB

Development log


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I played it and it has  a lot of potential. I am pretty sure there will be more rooms for improvement.

Keep it up!